CYF - "Towelie" South Park Puffco Recycler

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The CYF "Towelie" Recycler is the perfect pick for all Puffco Peak Pro users! This recycler from Mikey Collier @CallYourFam_Glass sports an unforgettable design inspired by South Park's beloved Towelie. It's totally universal, so it fits over the top of your Peak Pro to create a smooth and sophisticated attachment. Not only that, but a matching carb cap is also included! So you can keep your Recycler and carb cap coordinated. Of course, the one thing not included is the Puffco device, but as with any Recycler, you won't regret adding one to your arsenal of glass pieces!

Vaccine Pump Recycler by Mikey Collier @CallYourFam_Glass

Universal Fit for Puffco Peak Pro

Matching Carb Cap included

*Puffco Device Not Included*