CYF - Opal/Clear Puffco Recycler

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  • $549.99
  • $699.99

 Now is your chance to break the mold with the CYF - Opal/Clear Recycler. This Recycler is just what you are looking for if you want to reduce, reuse, and recycle! Crafted from specially hardened glass, you can enjoy a Recycler experience without breaking the bank. Plus, this Recycler even comes with its own matching carb cap which allows for ultimate convenience. Best of all, it conveniently fits on top of the Puffco Peak Pro making it an easy attachment to add or remove as needed. So if you're in need of a recycler attachment, this is one you must try! Please note - Puffco Device Not Included.

Vaccine Pump Recycler by Mikey Collier @CallYourFam_Glass

Universal Fit for Puffco Peak Pro

Matching Carb Cap included

*Puffco Device Not Included*