CYF - Sunflower Grateful Dead Puffco Recycler

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 For the connoisseurs of elegant glass Recyclers, Mikey Collier @CallYourFam_Glass has designed the dreamiest CYF-Sunflower Grateful Dead Recycler. This Recycler comes with a Universal Fit attachment compatible with the Puffco Peak Pro, and a beautiful and cleverly designed matching carb cap to top it off! An absolute must-have for any Recycler enthusiast, this Recycler will make your collection just that bit better. Don't miss out - but don't forget that Puffco Device isn't included!

Vaccine Pump Recycler by Mikey Collier @CallYourFam_Glass

Universal Fit for Puffco Peak Pro

Matching Carb Cap included

*Puffco Device Not Included*