23 Glass Double Recycler

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This 23" double recycler bong is the perfect tool for a unique and enjoyable smoking experience. Its large 14mm joint size, 9.5 inch height, and 3.25 inch base width combine to make it extremely easy to use and robustly designed. Its 367 gram weight gives it a sense of quality and strength, while it's clear glass exterior allows you to see the inner chambers of this impressive bong. No matter what your preferred smoking style, this double recycler bong will provide an enjoyable experience each time you use it. A popular choice in bongs, recyclers create maximum filtration effects while also cooling down the smoke before inhalation; trust 23" Double Recycler Bong to deliver the best out of your smoking experience every time!

Joint size: 14mm

Height: 9.5"

Base Width: 3.25"

Weight: 367g