Captain Hook Collection

Based out of Westchester NY, Captain Hook Glass Art has been producing quality custom glass since 2017. My name is Brandon,  graduated with a BoS from Stony Brook University. We focus on making FUNCTIONAL GLASS. This being said, Borosilicate glass comes naturally with air bubbles, among other “Imperfect” cosmetic issues. Much like the world famous Lamberts, we feel that borosilicate glass should be enjoyed in its raw form with some of its imperfections. For us, this includes tool Marks, sodium flare, small bubbles, and vertical bubbles when they cannot be removed or is a concept piece. However, most of the glass used in general does have something cosmetic somewhere, and we will not sandblast them to cover the “flaws”. Made and dreamed by a human, and made for functional purposes first, nothing is meant to be perfect. 
  1. Captain Hook Green
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  2. Captain Hook Clear
  3. Captain Hook Yellow