Lerk Jammer Rig

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Introducing the Lerk Jammer Rig, an innovative dab rig that makes smoking a breeze. Standing tall at 9.0", this dab rig sure makes a statement and provides efficient dabbing experiences thanks to its sturdy 3.25" base and 10mm / 90° joint size. Let's be honest, dab rigs have been around for some time now but never looked quite as cool or functional as this one does! This dab rig is lightyears ahead of regular dab rigs in terms of versatility and user-friendliness, made possible by its unique design features. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting out, the Lerk Jammer Rig is sure to make all your smoking dreams come true!

Height: 9.0"

Base: 3.25"

Joint Size: 10mm / 90°